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Kingswood 2015



We were treated to another yummy breakfast, this time with bacon and Muller light corner yogurts (not on the same plate!). This morning we turned into ‘fire starters’ during bush craft.  Using steels, fluff from the dryers and whatever we could get our hands on, we learnt how to start a fire however, sustaining it proved to be very difficult.

We experienced low ropes (which made us want to extend our trim trail at school), and used our team work skills to help each other across the tricky parts.  Mrs Norton’s and Mrs Barton’s group attempted Nightline, where the children were blindfolded and had to work together to get across an assault course.  The children got extremely muddy and Leo and Ashton regretted wearing their disco clothes!

After lunch the remaining groups had a go at the climbing wall. All the children and the adults excelled themselves even though it was a particularly tough wall with very small foot and hand grips.

At night time we were all very excited to strut our stuff on the dance wall.  The children put the other school to shame with their energy and fantastic dance moves, we were even treated to hot chocolate afterwards.   


We had a fairly good first night’s sleep, (with the exception of some children wanting to start the day at 2:20am!). Our day started with a hearty cooked breakfast with some managing cooked breakfast, cereal, toast and fresh watermelon slices.

Mrs Barton’s group’s first activity was the dreaded Leap of Faith, or Leap of Death as Jack Ranyard called it! The children surprised themselves as the majority of the group (including Mrs Barton) climbed to the top and jumped off to catch the trapeze.  Throughout the day, the children put their skills learnt at Archery Club at school into practice and impressed the instructors with their shooting.

After some careful negotiation, we managed to swap our abseiling session to climbing.  Mr Cooke’s group were the first group to have a go and Joshua Robinson was a real life superhero and shot up the wall in record time; the other groups can’t wait to have a go tomorrow.

All groups flew through the air down the zip wire, with most children taking that scary step off the platform and making shapes through the air; my favourite being Joshua Redhead’s running man!

A new activity sampled by Mrs Norton’s and Mrs Barton’s group was Laser Tag.  It was thoroughly enjoyed by the children and most definitely the staff; we never knew our children were so competitive when equipped with a laser gun and some shiny lights stuck to their heads.

After tea the evening activity was Scrapheap Challenge, with groups competing to design a superhero and then protect a water balloon from a fall at great height. Evan and Joe Miller’s superheroes song was very funny.  Fingers crossed for a good night’s sleep and hopefully a little lie in!!



The children enjoyed a leisurely start to the day with lots of fun games in school to develop their teamwork. After lunch they set off for the centre, thanks to all those who managed to spare a little time in their bust day to wave us off.

When we arrived at Kingswood we started with a tour which included a visit to The Living Machine which takes all of the human waste from the centre and filters it until it's clean enough for the pet fish to swim in, gross!

Mr Cooke and Mrs Barton's group began with fencing; on guard!

Mrs Norton's group started with the high ropes and everyone showed lots of bravery in climbing as high as they could, especially Emily, Leo, Ella and Mrs Norton who all made it to the highest point, the seesaw! Ella and Mrs Norton even had a high altitude game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide who had to jump off first, Ella won!

Tea was a choice of lasagne or fish and chips followed by ice cream.

After tea we got wrapped up ready for a camp bonfire and had a lovely sing song and told our worst jokes!