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PGL 2013


As we made a very chilly start to this year's visit we couldn't help but think back to last year's glorious sunshine and warm temperatures; not so this time!!

We arrived safe and sound straight into our first activities which, for some, meant straight into a harness! As you can see from our pictures, everyone had a really good go and a lucky few got to see the view from the platform before leaping to the trapeze bar.

After a lunch of soup and baguettes, we checked into our rooms (Owen even found time for a shower!) before adding a few more layers to combat the biting wind for afternoon activities. Due to high winds, we've had to replace the 'high ropes' with an activity called 'sensory trail'. This has been great fun as we made our way around a muddy obstacle course blindfolded! If trainers were shiny and white beforehand they certainly aren't now!

Tonight we'll be going primal with a game of ambush before hopefully tucking ourselves into cosy beds.


Last night the children wrapped up in several layers to take on another school in an energetic game of ambush around the grounds.

Back in the rooms, the children were all tucked up and fast asleep by 10:30!

Tuesday morning started early so most of us went to breakfast in our PJs and enjoyed a hearty breakfast of bacon, hash browns and spaghetti hoops with around 16 loaves of lightly toasted bread.

The weather is quite a problem as the wind is really nasty but we're learning to layer! Millie is the champion of layering so far with a record of nine layers achieved!! Activities today included 'survivor' (more mud, sorry parents), vertical challenge and the dreaded climbing wall with it's bitter wind which gave everyone a perfect idea of how Edmund Hillary must have felt climbing Everest! Despite the temperature, the children are still managing to conquer their fears and achieve more than they thought possible. I must make a special mention of Angel and Kayci whose smiles when they got to the top of the trapeze were wider than Mr. Happy's, well done everyone!!

Tonight we get to keep warm with a kick around in the sports hall and, later, Scrap Heap Challenge.


After yet another successful night's sleep with everyone (including adults) fast asleep by 10:30, we had a slower start  today with lots of sleepy faces. Breakfast was sausage and beans with another 16 loaves of toast.


Today's activities started with All Aboard and rifle shooting. The weather did it's best to stop us reaching the top with snow as well as wind but a few hardy souls still managed to reach the final platform. This afternoon all of the groups got together for kayaking. Getting kitted up was great fun with lots of games, roly polys down the hills and a big safety talk about capsizing. Everyone was straight onto the lake for a paddle around. Only three people ended up in the lake itself which was a very good job as it was extremely chilly in there! I was very proud of all the children but especially Alex and Georgia who went from being nervous to declaring it their favourite activity of the week!


We warmed up before teatime and then spent some time after tea packing and getting dressed up for the disco; boogie time!!


After a third peaceful night's sleep we had an early start and another hearty breakfast before starting the amazingly difficult task of reuniting lots of unclaimed belongings with their owners and clearing piles of sweet wrappers from the bedrooms!

This morning gave everyone a last chance to conquer their fears with abseiling and the ever popular giant swing. The award for the worst squealing definitely has to go to Kyle whilst the best pulling award went to Miss Goodwin's group with an amazing time of just 25 seconds to get their team mates to the top.

With a last lunch we were quickly loaded onto the coach and back to school.

It's been an amazing visit, as always, and this year the children did especially well to cope with the extreme conditions of the coldest Easter on record in 100 years! Hopefully next year will be a little warmer...