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PGL 2014


After arriving safely through the fog, we were greeted by our friendly guides and unloaded a bus full of excited children (and adults!).  We were quickly ushered into our first activities of the day.  Screams and laughter could be heard from the giant swing, I could hear it from the other side of the camp!  Mid morning, the sun came out and the jumpers came off.

All groups experienced real life combat, taking part in survivor through the woods. Fears were tested by attempting Jacob's Ladder.  We were very impressed with the bravery of our children and especially Loren, Charlotte,Mrs Norton who got to the top as a team and Evan and Tilly  who got to the top on their own! I was particularly shocked by Mrs Norton who shall now be nicknamed 'Spiderwoman'!!

The children are now off playing Robot Wars and hopefully will be tucked up in their beds very soon!!



Day two has been the day of combat and conquering fears.  We were fuelled for the day after a hearty sausage cooked breakfast. The day had finally come where All Saints got to do high ropes (as the last two years it was cancelled due to severe weather conditions).  We all enjoyed swinging like Tarzan across the obstacle course and have built our upper arm strength pulling ourselves across.


We practised our hand eye coordination during archery and are looking forward to continuing our skills when the archery club has started at school.  On guard! Fencing was a new experience this year and the children loved jabbing each other with long sticks (also known as foils); fortunately they wore protective clothing and there was no blood drawn!


Many children put their faith in their black ropes and successfully abseiled down the tower.  I was particularly impressed with those children who thought they couldn’t do it but surprised themselves, Evie, Jack and Tabitha to name but a few.


The children are now putting their glad rags on ready to boogie the night away at the disco.

Tomorrow…raft building!


The day started with a slightly chillier temperature and thick fog but that didn’t dampen our spirits.  After a bacon butty, the children were ready to have a go at the dreaded ‘leap of faith’.  Some children, especially Owen, really surprised themselves; conquered their fear of heights and took themselves to new limits. 

The bosses of Formula One have already contacted All Saints to ask them to join their Red Bull team after their amazingly quick pit stops during Quad Biking.  The children felt the wind in their hair as they sped round the track with not many crashes to report.  Due to safety procedures, only one child could ride at a time but one group found an interesting way to entertain themselves while they waited (see the website for the video!).

The afternoon was spent by the lake raft building.  The adults were as brave as the children and agreed to go on the rather smelly lake.  Mrs Barton’s group was unfortunately unsuccessful and fell in just off the jetty. Mrs Norton and Miss Tedford’s group were feeling rather smug as they made superb rafts which did not sink.  The children felt slightly miffed that they did not get wet so they requested jumping in (The adults did not!).

The night time activity was spent ‘ambushing’, torches at the ready!



We were very sad to come to our last day.  The morning started with frantically packing and making sure we took home our own clothes! Unfortunately Group 3 had the coldest slot of the week for their raft building session but managed to build a sturdy raft and not fall in! We did some target practise in rifle shooting and completed an assault course, army style!


Two groups faced their fears on all aboard.  There was superb teamwork and children really pushing themselves; Tyler and Owen achieved their highest point of week on the second platform of all aboard and Evie (with Mrs Barton’s help) climbed to the top!


We have truly have had the most fantastic time at PGL and it has provided us with some lasting memories.  Our children have pushed themselves to the limit and conquered so many fears.