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Our School Day


School Times


Morning Session:      8:50 am - 12.15 pm

Afternoon Session:   1.15 pm -   3.20 pm


The school day begins at 8:55 am and the gates are opened at 8:45am for the children to go into school.  The school gate is locked just after 9.00 am after which entry to the school must be made through the main school entrance only.  Children who go home for lunch must sign out and in at the office and should return no earlier than 1.10 pm for the afternoon session which begins at 1.15 pm.   There is a School Crossing Patrol on Moor Lane to help children across the road.   Please note that the crossing is not supervised during lunch times.


A typical day in main school:-

Gates open               8:45 am

Register                    8:50 am

Assembly                 10:00 to 10:20 am

Literacy                      9.20 to 10.00 am

Break                        10.20 to 10.35 am

Numeracy                 10.35 to 11.25 am

Lesson                      11.25 – 12.15 pm

Lunch                       12.15 to 1.15 pm

Afternoon lessons     1.15 – 3.20 pm

Home time                3.20 pm


Medicines and Inhalers


Parents have a responsibility to inform the school immediately regarding any medical conditions or health issues which may affect their time with us. If your child uses an inhaler or has any other medication which needs to be administered within school you will need to complete a medicines or inhaler form prior to any medicine being administered. We are not able to give any medicines without a completed and signed form.   When an inhaler is needed by a child, please provide clear instructions for its use. 


 The School Nursing Team are available on request for support in areas such as diet and bed wetting and staff members are always ready to listen and help. Occasionally the school provides a space for the NHS School Nursing Team to use for programmes such as height and weight checks, flu dand hearing checks. Contact with parents regarding these will always be directly with the team themselves. 



All Saints School policy is that children wear school uniform at all times. We hope children will develop a pride in their appearance and in their school and we ask parents to co-operate with us on this matter.  The school colours are red and grey. Many shops stock suitable items of generic uniform in these colours.  Items with the school logo are available through Parents have the option to collect items directly from the supplier, have them delivered to school or (at a cost) delivered to your home. 


  • Dark grey skirt, trousers, shorts or pinafore dress.
  • Red/white polo shirt, either plain or with the school logo
  • White blouse/shirt
  • Red sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan, either plain or with the school logo
  • Plain white/grey/red tights or socks
  • Black flat or low heeled shoes (not trainers)

Summer alternative

  • Red/white check dresses


  • 1 pair of stud ear-rings
  • Watch

Hair must be of natural colour and no make up may be worn. A clear nail varnish is permitted.


PE Kit

  • Plain red or school logo t-shirt 
  • A plain black hoodie (no logos) may be worn in colder weather
  • Black shorts or skirt (plain black joggers or leggings may be worn in colder weather)
  • Plimsolls/trainers for outside PE
  • No jewellery at all. Where jewellery absolutely can not be removed such as newly pierced ears or religious reasons, parent must provide micro pore tape/plasters to ensure it is covered. 

Please ensure that a small, named, draw-string bag is provided to hold PE clothing.  PE bags may be purchased from Nationwide Uniforms at a reasonable price. 

Children are advised to bring jogging/track suits or a spare jumper during the winter months on the days that they have games.

The correct swim wear must be worn, a sensible one piece costume for girls, swimming trunks (not shorts) for boys and hats for those who have long hair. Children are not allowed to wear earrings or other jewellery when swimming.



School Meals and Free School Meals


We offer hot school meals in partnership with local business The Farm Kitchen. These are booked in advance and parents do not have to order them for every day of the week. Children in Key Stage One are entitled to a free hot school meal everyday as part of the government’s Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM) initiative, however parents still need to register with The Farm Kitchen to make selections from the wide range of choices or  if they wish to pay for school meals in Key Stage 2. If no meals are selected, a hot option will automatically be provided.

If you are in receipt of benefits, your child may be eligible for free school meals, registering for Free School Meals also means that the school receives extra money (known as the Pupil Premium Grant)  to help support your child's learning.  

To apply for Free School Meals, parents need to follow the link below:


Some families choose to send their child with a packed lunch .Where parents choose to do this we urge them to consider carefully the healthy balance of the lunch and may contact parents if we feel there is an excess of highly processed fatty and sugary foods. 


 Key Stage 1 children are provided with a piece of fruit daily as a morning snack and we encourage Key Stage 2 children to also bring a piece of fresh fruit or vegetable for their break time from home. We do not allow items such as biscuits, crisps, cakes and chocolate to be eaten at break times. 


Children in the Foundation Stage (Little Saints and Reception classes) are entitled to free milk to drink until their 5th birthday.


All children are encouraged to drink fresh water during the day and we ask that parents provide a named drink bottle for the children to use and refill. These can also be bought reasonably from the school office. We will remind children take this water bottles home each day and it is the responsibility of parents to ensure that water bottles are cleaned on a daily basis. 

Absence from School



Family holidays are NOT permitted during term time.


Essential Appointments

With security in mind, if it is necessary for your child to leave school during the day eg for a medical appointment, please let us know in advance.  This should give the purpose of the appointment, the time of leaving school and the name of the adult who will be collecting the child from school. Children must be signed out at the office by the person who is collecting them, unless parents have let us know that a member of school staff may do this.


Health Reasons

If your child is absent from school for any reason it is vital that you let us know either personally, by letter, telephone, or email ( giving the reason for absence.  If there is any doubt about your child’s fitness for school we ask you to exercise your discretion about sending him or her.  Every possible effort is made at school to cater for a child who becomes ill during the school day but we have limited facilities for looking after children who are unwell for long periods.


Sickness and accidents in School

Minor cuts, bruises etc., are treated in school.   Where hospital treatment is required parental consent is necessary.  In case of illness or accidents, it is essential that we have several addresses and/or telephone numbers at which at least one parent or other designated adult may be contacted quickly. 


Please make sure that these contact numbers are kept up to date by informing the Senior Administrator in the School Office.

Infectious Diseases

The Public Health Agency provide information on the symptoms and exclusion periods of many common childhood illnesses. You access this advice by clicking on the lin k below:


Attendance monitoring

Good attendance is vital to your child's education. All attendance is monitored and we aim for every child to achieve at least 95% attendance over the school year, this is equivalent to an absence of less than 8 days per year. Parents receive a termly report regarding their child’s attendance and school will take action where we feel that a child’s attendance is affecting their achievement and well-being within school. More information can be found within our Attendance Policy which is located in the policies section of this website. 



We are committed to improving safety for all who use our school.

Being very conscious of how congested Ravensmoor Close becomes at the beginning and end of the school day, we encourage you to car-share and to park in the Church Hall car park (known as The Ark) whenever possible.  This keeps the school environment safer for all the children and parents. The children who cycle to school may keep their bikes in the bike shed. There is a School Crossing Patrol at the end of Ravensmoor Close to assist children crossing Moor Lane. 

We do not allow parent cars in the car park at anytime unless the driver or any passengers hold a blue badge.

Charging Policy


Parents are sometimes asked to make a voluntary contribution towards the costs of visits. This may cover transport costs and / or admission charges. Pupils will not be excluded from that activity because of their parent’s inability or unwillingness to pay. However insufficient funding may result in a visit being cancelled. More details can be found in our Charging Policy in the Policies section of this website.