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Lower Key Stage Two

Lower Key Stage Two includes Year Three and Year Four children.


Our Lower Key Stage Two team includes Mrs Parkin (also our Deputy Headteacher), Mrs Maye and Mr Green the class teachers. They are supported by Mrs Marshall, Mrs Brooks and Mrs Cottam our Teaching Assistants.


Year Three and Four is about developing the children’s independence in learning and particularly their ability to use their basic skills to access and develop learning for themselves. Strong links across the curriculum ensure children develop both their understanding of and appreciation for their widening world. Regular reading at home and learning of spellings and tables is still encouraged but homework is becoming more formal with Literacy and Numeracy tasks linked to class learning as well. The learning in this phase reflect the children’s widening interest in the larger world with topics including ‘If I could Turn Back Time’ (focussing on British history and culture from World War Two to present day) and ‘My Body Is My Temple’ (focussing on how to keep healthy and how the Buddhist religion promotes spiritual health).

Learning in Year 3