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Reading is such an important skill in all walks of life and here at All Saints we put great emphasis on developing the reading skills of our children. We realise that not all children are reading as much as they should and this is impacting their reading fluency, as well as their ability to comprehend what they are reading. We have recently restocked our library, with lots of brand-new exciting books, which the children are already delving into and seem to be enjoying.


To support this further, we are launching a new reading reward scheme after half term, where children will earn tokens for reading at home. The aim is to encourage children to read more at home and the more they read, the more tokens they will receive. Once children have begun earning their tokens they will have the opportunity to save them up and spend them in our brand new All Saints’ Shop. The shop will be stocked with many items (all recommended by the children) which will be available to purchase for a range of prices (token values). More expensive items will be available to purchase at a higher number of tokens; giving the children the option to save their tokens up, to purchase what they really want.


As well as encouraging children to read more, we are also hoping that it will give them a better understanding of ‘money’ in the real world, as it will encourage them to take responsibility for their own tokens by keeping them safe and deciding when to purchase what they want. We would encourage you to send your child in with an old purse / wallet (something else to store tokens in) which is clearly labelled with your child’s name, in order for children to keep their tokens safe and again develop ‘real world’ thinking. Teachers will keep a central store of all children’s tokens when not in use.


In order for children to earn their tokens, their reading record must be signed by an adult. This will be checked weekly by staff in each class and tokens awarded accordingly.

Children will earn:

1 token for reading three times a week.

3 tokens for reading five times a week.

5 tokens for reading seven times a week.

Our All Saints Store - Spend your tokens!