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Reading at All Saints


Reading is such an important skill in all walks of life and here at All Saints we put great emphasis on developing the reading skills of our children. We realise that not all children are reading as much as they should be and this has an impact on their reading fluency rate, their ability to comprehend what they are reading, as well as igniting their imagination for writing.


As many of you will know, last year we introduced our new reading reward scheme, where children could earn tokens for reading at home and exchange them for rewards at our All Saints Store. Last year, we witnessed an increase in the number of children reading and the amount that children were reading at home. We feel, as well as the feedback we received from: parents, children and our governors that the reading reward scheme was a success, therefore we will be continuing with it this year.


The shop has been fully restocked, with a large variety of items suitable for all ages and interests. However, due to the current circumstances, we are unable to physically hand out tokens and allow children to visit the shop to exchange them (as would have happened last year). Instead, there will be an order form for the children to fill out when they wish to purchase something from the shop. The Year 6 reading ambassadors will then collect the order forms and deliver the ordered items the correct classrooms. There will be a list of items that are available to buy (with the token values on) on the school’s website, along with some pictures, so that you can also see what your children can earn. You will be able to print off an order form, enabling you to fill it in with your child, if you wish to do so. (This can be found under School Life, Reading).


The aim is to encourage children to read more at home and in return the more they read, the more tokens they will receive. Once children have earned enough tokens they will have the opportunity to spend them in our All Saints’ Store. The shop is stocked with many items (mostly recommended by the children) which will be available to purchase for a range of prices (token values). Will your child choose to spend their tokens straight away on something for a small number of tokens or will they choose to save them up, in order to afford something of a higher token value?  


In order for your child to earn their tokens their reading record must be signed by an adult. This will be checked weekly by staff in each class and tokens awarded accordingly. For Year 5 and 6 children the ReadingPlus programme can also count towards this.

Children will earn:

1 token for reading three times a week.

3 tokens for reading five times a week.

5 tokens for reading seven times a week.


Please note that class teachers have been keeping records of how many tokens your child has been earning, since we returned in September and they will continue to do so. These records will be readily available for children to keep track of their tokens too!

I am looking forward to seeing the enthusiastic smiles on the children’s faces when they make their purchases from the shop, after doing lots of reading at home!